Residential remodeling


When it is time for remodeling a kitchen, bathroom, laundry, auxiliary sink, or bar sink or any other fixture it may be the right time for remodeling plumbing. It is important to install, replace, and properly size any plumbing during a remodeling project. An example of some of the special considerations would be to properly size the pipes to supply a Style bathtub.

When considering a plumbing remodeling project you can replace fixtures or relocate fixtures. If you have a house with a raised foundation and a crawl space it will be a lot easier and cheaper to relocate plumbing fixtures. It is jack hammer and concrete saw time. It is important to know what the plumbing and building codes are before you start a plumbing project. Toilets should have enough space on the sides and in front, all fixtures need to be properly spaced and sized. Handicap plumbing codes are different.

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