When you have new toilet on site and the old toilet has been removed from the room it's time to get ready for the toilet installation. Spread a towel out nearby to set the toilet on when you remove it from the box. Remove all the pieces necessary and check to make sure everything is there and in good working order. Since your sewer pipe is exposed, it's a good idea to stuff a rag into it before you begin to keep the leaks from leaking out. You can pull this rag out at the last minute, before you set the toilet.

You may have an easier time putting the tank on the bowl of the toilet and bolting it down when it's in the center of the room, than once it's on the pipe if you are using a two piece toilet. Just make sure you can safely lift both pieces at once and that you have help doing so. If not, you can bolt the tank on later, once the bowl is bolted to the floor.

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