Water heater


Water heater must be installed in accordance with these instructions
A fired water heater should not be installed in a space where liquids which give off flammable vapors are to be used or stored. Because of natural air movement in a room or other enclosed space, flammable vapors can be carried some distance from where their liquids are being used or stored. The open flame of the water heater’s pilot light or main burner can ignite these vapors causing an explosion or fire which may result in severe burns or death to those in range, as well as property damage. The water heater should be installed as close as practical to the vent or chimney. Long hot water lines should be insulated to conserve water and energy. The water heater and water lines should be protected from freezing temperatures. Do not the water heater in bathrooms, any occupied rooms normally kept closed nor in outdoor unprotected areas.

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